Unlocking the potential of your event can often depend on having a good relationship with suppliers, here at U.K.Bars we understand that the safe and careful running of your bar is of critical importance. That is why it is essential you select a partner with the expertise necessary to help you maximise your potential. For a wealth of mobile bar solutions, you can trust us to provide all the support you need before, during and after your event.

You can feel confident that by selecting U.K.Bars you choose a partner with the size, strength and expertise to provide Professional Mobile Bar Services that we believe are second to none.

What, When, Where, How

What : We operate over 400 foot (ft) of bar frontage, this can be 1 bar of 400ft or as is usually the case 10 bars of 40 to 50ft, we also run a 14ft mobile trailer bar and due to the systems we use for serving customers (as much as 70% more efficient than a regular puller / server bar) we believe we are able to make use of this bar frontage more efficiently than any other event bar company.

When: Though we operate mainly from April to October we can and do operate bars during the whole year. If you have an event during the Winter get in touch and find out what we can offer you.

Where: Quite simply U.K.Bars operate throughout the whole of the UK, we are a 'Nationally Available Company'.

How: Give us a ring to chat or open dialogue with an email, we are more than happy to travel to meet and discuss your event or alternatively you can come and see us and be our guest(s) at one of our accommodation venues.

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