• 1. Why choose U.K. Bars?

    The confidence of dealing direct with a specialist team from one of the largest Mobile Bar providers in the UK; plus our proven ability to meet the needs of a wide and diverse client base.

  • 2. I am on the committee of an event and would like to consider you. What do I need to do?

    Call us or open email dialogue, with a couple of simple questions we will then provide you with a financial presentation. You have nothing to loose and maybe pleasantly surprised.

  • 3. You are based in East Yorkshire is it worth your while travelling to our part of the Country?

    In brief "YES" - it is what we do - provide a national service - we may not work on the same profit margin as a local supplier; but by being multiple operators with large buying power we are happy with our returns.

  • 4. Will I need to sort a license for the bar?

    No, once we have agreed a tender figure, U.K.Bars will apply and pay for a Temporary Event Notice (TENs) for the sale of alcohol, consumption on and off the premises (marquee) and regulated entertainment within the marquee. We do advise that you always contact your local council licensing department and tell them what you are doing, so that they can advise accordingly.

  • 5. Who keeps the beer tent and immediate area tidy during the event?

    We do - we bag all rubbish and assuming there is a skip on site deposit accordingly. When we leave the site we leave it as we found it ~ no empty barrells ~ no rubbish ~ no bottle tops ~ nothing but great memories.

  • 6. What happens if the event has to be cancelled?

    No one starts organising an event only to cancel it. With all the will in the world no one knows what is round the corner - (take foot & mouth for example). If you are having problems for whatever reason we ask that you let us know as soon as possible; as multiple operators providing a national service we need to keep our units and workforce busy.

    We are happy to carry over any payments made onto future dates.

  • 7. Do I need to contact anyone official?

    Whilst we do everything concerning a Temporary Event Notice (TENs) for the bar, we always advise you contact your local council or authorities licensing department and tell them what you are doing, so that they can advise accordingly.

  • 8. Do you do food?

    No - we do bars and by specialising do them right. However if your present supplier does both food and drink, please let us know: as we work with one or two select food specialists around the Country.

  • 9. What if an event has not been successful for you?

    There may be several reasons for this - usually the weather; which no one can do anything about. However if we do not do well first time, we will pay you anything that has been guaranteed then a little talk and adjustment usually puts things back on track for the next year. We have built our business on reputation and repeat business by working with organisers and committees to mutual benefit. "At the end of the day we are here to make a living not a killing, we are not here today gone tomorrow."

  • 10. It sounds to good to be true, is there anything else we need do?

    No - honestly - enjoy yourself, see what we do and continue our business relationship to mutual benefit. See you next year.

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