We aim to tailor our marquee to suit your event or occasion, while making best use of the ground available to create the perfect atmosphere.

Choosing an appropriate size is more difficult than going with the largest you can accomodate, too big and any entertainment you have on will find it more difficult to generate atmosphere, fortunately that is where we come in, with years of experience we are happy to discuss your requirements and help you choose a suitable size.

The capacity figures and dimensions below are approximate and strictly for guidance only.

= 30ft (9m) Wide - 40ft (12m) wide - 50ft (15m) wide =

30ft (9m) Width -Traditional

Our 30ft marquees start at 30ft x 30ft and increase in 15ft sections up to a maximum 30ft x 90ft, however unless space limits require it we recommend a move to a 40ft wide marquee rather than going past 30ft x 60ft.

30ft Sizes* Capacity**
30ft x 30ft 100
30ft x 45ft 152
30ft x 60ft 206
30ft x 75ft 260
30ft x 90ft 318






30ft (9m) Width - Clear Span

Our 30ft clear span marquees start at 30ft x 20ft and increase in 10ft sections up to a maximum 30ft x 60ft.

30ft Sizes Capacity**
30ft x 20ft 65
30ft x 30ft 100
30ft x 40ft 138
30ft x 50ft 175
30ft x 60ft 206

40ft (12m) Width

U.K.Bars operate a number of 40ft wide marquees, these increase in 20ft sections and are pretty much the standard at most events we attend.

40ft Sizes* Capacity**
40ft x 200ft 900
40ft x 180ft 810
40ft x 160ft 720
40ft x 140ft 630
40ft x 120ft 530
40ft x 100ft 430
40ft x 80ft 320
40ft x 60ft 215
40ft x 40ft 110








50ft (15m) Width

50ft wide marquees increase in length in 20ft sections

50ft Sizes*Capacity**
50ft x 250ft 1360
50ft x 230ft 1250
50ft x 210ft 1140
50ft x 190ft 1030
50ft x 170ft 920
50ft x 150ft 810
50ft x 130ft 700
50ft x 110ft 590
50ft x 90ft 470
50ft x 70ft 360
50ft x 50ft 250









Traditional marquees have guy ropes which increase the dimensions by as much as 5’ around the marquee.

** Capacity allows for a bar and small staged area.


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